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    Unable to change default Hypersonic database

    Peter Backx Newbie

      I've got several problems when using the default installed Hypersonic database (I'm working with the default server config) that all seem to be linked to the same cause: Hypersonic does not save any of the data I enter to disk. Through the MBean inspector I can get the data directory for the database, but the files remain unchanged.

      When using CMP I see that SQL statements are begin properly executed in the logs, but no results in the files. If I use the database manager it just hangs when I try anything that changes the database (look-ups work ok, but can't find anything created by CMP)

      I've check the directory permissions and they seem fine. (I even tried running JBoss as root to no avail)

      I've ran out of options of what could be going wrong, so I hope some one here can offer some suggestions.

      regards and thanks in advance,