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    Fix for HHH-8171 has broken validity audit strategy

    Chris Wright Newbie



      The fix for HHH-8171, which involved adding a 'ordinal' column to the revision table of a collection of embeddables has broken the Validity Audit Strategy.


      This is because when the strategy queries for the previous revision to update the end revision and optional end timestamp its trying to find the revision using a match on various things including the ordinal column, however the ordinal value that is generated each time an entity is retrieved and saved is not consistent (i.e. the elements in the collection don't always get the same ordinal value) which, given the query to find the previous one tries to use the currently generated ordinal value to find a match, means that the query doest return any rows (unless by fluke the same ordinal value was generated).


      Im not sure if simply excluding the ordinal value from the query created in the performCollectionChange method is sufficient to fix the problem or not, someone with more in depth knowledge of envers will need to assist.


      This is a regression as before the 8171 'fix' was introduced this worked fine.


      Suggested workarounds for this would be greatly appreciated.