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    JBoss AS | JMX | Choosing random free ports for JMX

    Suraj Chandran Newbie



      I have a usecase wherein I can't hardcode the jmx port in the standalone.xml file. Basically I have a system with 100's and 100's of VM and and for scalability reasons I cant hardcode port. So we already have a system wherein we start the jmx(jmxrmi) server in any free/available port and advertise this port to a discovery system. Unfortunately it looks like using the standard jmxrmi connector is no more feasible with jbossas7.


      Does anyone know :

      1. If I can programtically start a remoting-jmx connector at a random port and get that port?
      2. If I there's anyway I can get a standalone jmx client connect to a jmxrmi server running in jbossas7( I have programtically started the jmxrmi server)