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    Expanded Tree in RichFaces.....

    saulo.costa Newbie

      Hello to all,

      I have a tree in RichFaces that perfectly brings my data as required by the customer. These data are assembled EXPANDED screen and the desire of the customer is as follows:

      * In addition to data EXPANDED be coming, he would have the option to withdraw this data to facilitate reading, eg:


      - 1

          - 1.1

             - 1.1.1

      User chose

      - 1

         + 1.1


      Hugs to everyone and I thank the reading and response


      Saulo Costa

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          saulo.costa Newbie



          very good after breaking his head and a few nights of sleep, the solution for the process of manipulating the Tree is as follows:


          * For building at runtime a Tree already open and then with possibilities for manipulation + / -, the following XHTML:


          <rich:tree id="tree1" value="#{cfMB.treeNode}" var="node" toggleType="client" toggleNodeEvent="true">

          <rich:treeNode id="treeNode1" binding="#{cfMB.uirootNode}" expanded="#{cfMB.expandirTree}">

          <h:outputText id="outputText3" value="#{node.data}" />





              private TreeNode rootNode = null;

              private UITreeNode uirootNode;

            public void setUirootNode(UITreeNode uirootNode) {

            this.uirootNode = uirootNode;


             public boolean isExpandirTree() {

            if (controle)

              return expandirTree;


              return false;


            public void setExpandirTree(boolean expandirTree) {

            this.expandirTree = expandirTree;