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    Infinispan-hadoop, view not detected

    Cornelio Inigo Newbie

      Hi all


      I want to use infinispan and hadoop. I made a simple test (wordcount example).


      I have this type of mode on my infinispan xml

      <clustering mode="distribution">

               <hash numOwners="2"/>


      and also this


      <clustering mode="replication">



      First: I create a folder and upload a file X in my infinispan cluster (on each machine I can access the grid and the file is found).

      Second: on my hadoop job, on the main class I can access the grid and "see" the X file that I upload .

      Third: I want to get the X file on my Map and/or Reduce class of the job but the X file is not found.


      As I understand hadoop TaskTracker runs the maps and reduce as a Child task on a separate JVM.


      Is that why I cant access the infinispan grid from the Map or Reduce class? If so, any ideas how can I get the file in the map/reduce?

      Do I need a special infinispan configuration for this?