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    JBoss EAP6 deployed web-app's custom Mbeans

    Nandhakumar G Newbie

      I am using JON 3.1.2( RHQ 4.4) on PostgreSQL 9.1. + JBoss-eap-6.0.1+Agent plugins ( rhq-jboss-as-7-plugin-4.4.0.JON312GA and my custom plugin)

      I have a custom plugin, by which I can monitor a standalone java application which started using the following java arguments,




      standalone app.png


      But when I create a web-app using the same MBeans and deployed in JBoss EAP 6.0, I can’t see its Matrix and operations.

      I am using a ServletContextListener implementation to register the static MBean to PlatformMbeanServer as shown below. This ServletListener is invoked using web.xml entries


      I can see the custom Mbean and its metrics/operations using JConsole. But RHQ is not picking this with the custom plugin or rhq-jboss-as-7-plugin.

      Could you please help me to resolve this.


      Many thanks,