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    Binding user attributes to request or session

    Lars-Erik Helander Newbie

      While a user logs in, I have a setup that authenticates the user via an LDAP directory and also gets the user's roles via LDAP.

      In addition to the roles I also would like to read a couple of user specific attributes via LDAP, and I am able to do that using a custom Login Module.

      I want to make these user attributes available to my JEE application components by having these values either bound to each request or to the session.


      I had solution ythat I thought was working, where in my custom login module I populated session attributes with the user attribute values.

      What I (think I) found was that if the session terminated (e.g. timeout) the logged in state was not affected and when trying to re-connect the login proocedure is not "activated". This results in that my login module is not run and no attributes will be set in the new session.


      What is the appropriate method to bind user specific attributes (in addition to roles) to sessions (and requests)?