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    Programtically start the remoting-jmx connector in jboss7

    Suraj Chandran Newbie

      Hi, I am trying to programtically start the remoting-jmx connector in jboss7 using code similar to following:


      EndPoint endPoint= Remoting.createEndpoint(..);

      RemotingConnectorServer  jmxServer = new RemotingConnectorServer(mbs, endPoint);



      The above actually starts the read/write remoting threads.

      Does someone know how I can actually start the socket connection?

      After reading through jboss-remoting stuff, I tried starting this:


      NetworkServiceProvider nsp = endPoint.getConnectionProviderInterface("remote", NetworkServiceProvider.class);

      nsp.createServer(new InetSocketAddress("localhost", 47898), OptionMap.EMPTY, null, null);


      Am I doing the right thing?? When I now try to start the client, it just throws exception "Operation failed with status WAITING". And on ther server side prints an exception "Unrecognized SSL message, plaintext connection?"