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    Is it possible to change Undertow options in WildFly?


      I am trying to port an internal application from JBoss-7 over to WildFly-8.0.0.Alpha4. One form is posting about 1,400 HTTP parameters to a servlet. While this worked in JBoss-7, WildFly's Undertow seems to have a lower limit for HTTP parameters:

      15:05:41,276 ERROR [io.undertow.request] (default task-17) Servlet request failed HttpServerExchange{ POST /***/*******/****}: java.lang.IllegalStateException: UT000047: The number of parameters exceeded the maximum of 1000

      In the Undertow sources (https://github.com/undertow-io/undertow/blob/master/core/src/main/java/io/undertow/UndertowOptions.java), I found this to be a configurable option: "MAX_PARAMETERS".


      Is is possible to tweak this (or any other option) for Undertow through WildFly in its standalone.xml? The schema file does not seem to offer any of these options.