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    MDB processing not stopping on shutdown of node in cluster

    neha gupta Newbie

      I am implementing clustering on JBoss 5.1 with both the nodes on the same machine.I have my EAR deployed on both the nodes.This EAR comprises of queues and MDBs listening to the queues.Each request processing involves message being added to a queue and then finally picked by a MDB for business processing. I have implemented the various changes for clustering including making the queues also clustered.

      I am currently testing whether failover is being handled successfully by the cluster.

      The part I am facing problem in testing is this :  When the MDB on one of the nodes has picked up a message and started processing, if I shutdown the server now...the message should be processed by the MDB on the other node.

      However, to test the above I do the following : When MDB on a particular node picks up a message and starts processing, I shutdown that server (ctrl+C). When I do so, the shutdown of server gets initiated (can see it in server logs), however, until this MDB has not completed its entire processing, the server does not get shutdown fully.

      What I want to understand is-

      1) Is this the desired behaviour : shutdown is not completed until MDB processing is complete?

      2) If the above is the desired behaviour, then what is the importance of clustering if my only concern is successful failover ?