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    Switchyard - JCA  - ActiveMQ - amqp

    mirko ferioli Newbie


      is it possible send a message use amqp  queue on ActiveMQ broker connected by JCA ?

      On JCA binding there is only JMSEndpoint and CCIEndpoint.

      How can send msg on ampq queue ?  The msg context_type is a json


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          Keith Babo Master

          No, you can't do this directly from the JCA gateway as it uses JMS under the covers.  That said, it's entirely possible you could bridge between JMS and AMQP using ActiveMQ outside of SwitchYard.

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            Keith Babo Master

            A couple more things to keep in mind:

            1) We had a community contribution sometime back of an AMQP gateway binding which uses Apache Qpid underneath the covers.  At present, you would have to build the gateway in our components repository and add it yourself to your install.

            2) You can use any Camel component with SwitchYard, so if the Camel ActiveMQ component supports communication via AMQP then you can use that instead of the JCA gateway.  There is also an AMQP Camel component which uses Apache Qpid, IINM.