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    Access to Message esbMessage = SOAPProcessor.getMessage();

    Alfonso Candela Newbie



           I have a problem with a webservice on ESB, we want to integrate two systems and I have created a web service to do transformations with smook in ESB. I used webservice_producer quickstar to do my webservice. I have my webservice on but i have a problem, I don´t know how to pass information to the webservice. I have seen that you can use a xml but message in the webservice logic is not ESB-AWARE, and if I try to modify ESB-AWARE with:


                     Message esbMessage = SOAPProcessor.getMessage();


      In the webservice is failing, is null the SOAPProcessor and I can not modify ESB-AWARE for the next action use this xml format.


      Other question is:


           When you are developing a webservice on ESB, you have to create a folder webservice.war to public the webservice, are there some automatic procces to do this task?.