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    Minimal configuration for a backup instance

    Bertrand Renuart Newbie

      Hi there,


      I was wondering what would be the minimal configuration for a backup instance using a shared store and multicast discovery.

      My backup configuration is the same as the live except it is explicitly marked as <backup>true</backup>. Although both servers can share the same configuration (besides that parameter), I have the feeling some configuration items are not actually required by the backup to perform its duties.


      More precisely, are the following items required in the backup configuration:

      - JMS configuration (connection factories, destinations): not required in the backup configuration since they will be created on demand from information contained in the journal when the backup comes live.

      - Security and Address settings: are they required or are they obtained from the journal as well ?


      Can other items be omitted as well ?

      I mean, the goal is to come up with the minimal set of configuration items to avoid duplication and ease the administration...


      Thanks for your help,