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    Arquillian test case fails due to unsuccessful undeployment

    yashar bizhanzadeh Newbie

      I have an arquillian class with three test method which runs on a managed tomcat.

      when I run my test class , all three test method passes but  the whole test case class fails with this message :


      java.lang.RuntimeException: The server command (/text/undeploy?path=%2FArquillianDBTest) failed with content (FAIL - Unable to delete [C:\WebServers\ArquillianTest\apache-tomcat-7.0.29\webapps\ArquillianDBTest]. The continued presence of this file may cause problems.).


      It seems that arquillilan trying to undeploy the WAR file after testing process which fails and cause a failure for the whole testing process.

      How should I fix this problem? any help will be appreciated