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    Seam 2.3 - Does it work with JSF 1.2?


      I'm upgrading my Seam 2.2 application to Seam 2.3.1.Final and would like to know if it's compatible with JSF 1.2. I noticed Seam 2.3.1.Final's "ui" artifact transitively downloads jboss-jsf-api_2.1_spec:jar which is a JSF 2 jar. Has anyone managed to run Seam 2.3.1.Final with JSF 1.2. Please let me know. Thanks.

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          I'm not sure i understand what you are gaining by upgrading if you ARE NOT going to be using JSF 2. Besides converting it to a maven project, JSF 2 seems like the major gain by upgrading. If its a particular bug you are trying to get around and because very little development is continuing on the Seam Project in general, why not make a custom build to get around any problem and keep the JSF 1.2 in 2.2.x?

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            Nathan, Thanks for replying. I'm upgrading my current Seam 2.2.1.CR2 app to Seam 2.3.1.Final. And during the upgrade process I noticed Seam 2.3.1 uses JSF2. I would happily use JSF 1.2 if it works with Seam 2.3.1. Which brings me to my original question: does Seam 2.3.1.Final works with JSF 1.2?




            Answering my own question here: I managed to run JSF 2.0 with my Seam 2.3.1.Final application. It was a dependency issue which was solved with below dependencies. But now I have a facelets issue which I'm working on.













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              Hi Ron.

              No it doesn't. One of main reason of releasing 2.3.1 was to support JSF2.

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                Tomas. Thanks for the reply and answering the question. I have already migrated my application to run with JSF2 and it deploys fine. But I get a runtime exception related to facelets for which I have opened a new discussion at the below link. Thanks again for answering the question.


                Facelets: SAXException Error Handling s.taglib.xml