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    Out Of Memory when migrating JBoss5.0.0 from HSQL to Oracle as DefaultDS




      After getting performance and OutOf Memory issues, we are migrating our JBoss servers from HSQL -> Oracle on JBoss 5.0.0 GA.


      Followed the steps, everything is fine.

      Tested on Dev environnment, no problem.


      But as soon as moved to production environnment, JBoss runs out of memory after 10 minutes, everytime it is launched into the configuration having Oracle as DefaultDS.

      Followed the steps: deploy/oracle-ds.xml, depoy/messaging/oracle-persistence-ds.xml, conf/login-config.xml, and the ejb3-timer-service.xml has been reviewed.

      Tables are created in the Oracle DB, everyhting looks just fine.


      Just thi outo of memory after 10 minutes.

      Any experience on that ?

      Any idea?

      Getting crazy as I would expect JBoss to use less memory as HSQL is not started anymore...


      JBoss 5.0.0 GA

      Oracle 10g

      Java 6_0_18, altought Oracle 10g is using Java 1.4.


      Thanks for any suggestion.

      All the best