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    Documentation for RichWidgets


      As we have identified a need for documentation,

      I believe the final solution shouldn't add us too much cycles needed for documentation a code for usage,


      so the documentation should be rather generated.


      I found the concept of commented source code quite interesting, e.g. here is Paige.js:




      Do you have other candidates?


      I would like to have documentation generated from LESS and JS code

      and possibly also HTML Examples (as more complex samples of usage).

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          Your link is 404'ing for me.


          +1 for automated docs.  I think our best place to start is with generated API docs.  We need to document widget options and (public at least) API methods.  Doing so in the code directly, and then extracting that into generated API doc would give us an almost free start on the docs.  We can then look at building on top of that with a more sophisticated manipulation of the source and examples to provide more "natural" feeling documentation.


          Are there any modern replacements for jsdoc for generating API docs?