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    HTTPS load balancer HTTP headers?

    David Balažic Newbie



      If a load balancer like pound is used to accept HTTPS connection from clients and forward then as HTTP to a JBoss instance, does JBoss support headers like X-SSL-Subject (that are added by the balancer) to identify the original clients certificate?



      David (currently using 7.1.1Final)

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          Tomaž Cerar Master



          when it comes to forwarding client cert auth it is quite tricky, on AS 7.x only way this would work would be by using AJP as protocol between reverse proxy and JBoss.

          You could use Apache or Nginx as load balancer, they can both communicate to backend via AJP.


          However in latest version of WildFly, Undertow web server got support for just what you are looking for.

          This functionality will be available as part of WildFly 8 beta1 which will be released shortly.