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    Dynamic reassignment in BRMS 5.3

    Hector Mendoza Newbie

      Hi there,


      I have been looking for a way escalate a task with certain deadline, is ok using the Reassignment option in the web process modeler I use it in that way because our "business analysis" did the initial process mapping there with his "fancy" look and feel.


      I try to add a variable mapping like # { variable } in the "Users" field but the designer said that that value is invalid, I search over the JBDS 5 and cant find any option to add it throught the JBDS.

      The documentation said:

      Users: comma spearated list of user ids that should be assigned to the task on escalation. Acceptable are String va
      lues and expressions #{user-id}

      But it doesn't work, any ideas how did that?


      I use BRMS 5.3, JBDS 5, Jboss AS 5.2(Embebed inside BRMS package)