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    LDAP and Future releases of Guvnor

    Keith West Newbie

      I was starting to configure Guvnor 5.5 (in jBPM 5.4) to utilize LDAP for authentication/authorization, and ran across a few posts from around the web that indicated there were several issues in getting it to work. Something about having to replace a class (SecurityServiceImpl), and a seam 3.1.0 issue. Are there any upcoming Guvnor releases that will resolve these LDAP issues, and if so, which one, and estimated timeframe?




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          Mauricio Salatino Master

          Hi, we are working hardly in the 6.x series now. And a final release is coming. Did you check the Candidate Releases (CR)? You should check for KIE Workbench application which is the replacement for Guvnor.


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            Keith West Newbie

            Do you mean you are working hardly with the 5.x series?


            You said a final release is coming - is that for the 5.x series, or the 6.x series? I saw a 5.6 Guvnor release being worked - but wanted to know when it would be released as a "Final". I'm extremely reluctant to do much with 6 until it's officially released, other than to play around with it. We would prefer to go with soemthing more stable, and not go with a ".0" release of something that has as much changing in it as jBPM. We're trying to provide something internally that can start being used with real projects within the next month or two, and felt like the jBPM 5.4 Final release (which included Guvnor 5.5) was the way to go.