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    JBAS014639: Attribute timers is not writable

    aqtwrdnr aqtwrdnr Newbie

      I want to use jboss-cli.sh to create timers for my session bean, but jboss-cli.sh --gui fails with the following error message:



          "outcome" => "failed",

          "failure-description" => "JBAS014639: Attribute timers is not writable",

          "rolled-back" => true



      This seems to indicate JBoss 7.2.0.Final does not support this, although according to this post "Theoretically, it can be done in AS7.2...".


      Note: the jboss-cli.sh --gui correctly shows my existing timers (configured in the ejb-jar.xml) for a particular bean.


      Thanks in advance!


      Barry NL