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    How to set guvnor's "repository.root.directory" without having to edit beans.xml?

    Keith West Newbie

      Wanted to be able to supply a value for the location of our Guvnor repository without having to unzip the guvnor war, edit the beans.xml, and then repackage the war. I thought I might be able to add something like "-Drepository.root.directory=<some directory>" to the JBOSS apps server startup, that didn't work. I added it to the preferences.properties, but that didn't work either. Tried editing the beans.xml, uncommenting the line with this property in it, and setting the value to something like ${some property}, where this property was set via the preferences.properties, or the apps server command line, but that didn't work either. Also tried to place the beans.xml outside the war in a "module", but that didn't work.


      Is there a way to do this, short of having a script that does the unzip, places the directory value into the beans.xml, and zip the guvrnor war back up?