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    Unable to passivate due to ctx lock

    ebdr Newbie


      My application locks and, during JBoss shutdown, I get "Unable to passivate due to ctx lock" Errors. Here is the scenario:

      I have VOs with lazy loading of its children, meaning I load the needed VO objects when they are asked for, using the CMP mechanism:

      public synchronized Collection getChildren() {
      if (children == null) {
      // 'server' is my local CMP stub
      children = server.getChildren(this.getId());
      return children;

      I have a fairly complex graph made of lazy loaded VOs.

      At one point, I create a much needed graph made out of VOs which I explicitly fetch using the above mechanism so that that all the VOs are loaded in memory, and I store this graph in a Pooled Cache.

      The first graph gets created ok and put in the pooled cache. When a second graph in needed, the server hangs. That is when I see the "Unable to passivate due to ctx lock" error when I shutdown the VM.

      I am using jboss-3.2.0_tomcat-4.1.24 with postgres 7.3 on redhat 8.0

      Thank you for your help.