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    Apache JMeter


      We are looking to use Apache JMeter. Any experience out there?

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          I have experience in Working with JMeter. can you please let me know, if u r looking for any information.



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            This video helped me build my basic test and troubleshoot an existing,complicated test.

            Very useful. Currently we are using JConsole to Monitor.

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              We had great success with JMeter.

              Currently we are using JConsole to Monitor.

              I like knowing a basic tool to get Monitoring going.

              Any other Monitoring tools that people like???

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                JMeter is a good choice, it's free, open-source and pretty good tool for performance testing. It's Java based and you can always extend it's functionality if you're missing something out of the box.


                It can be integrated into your CI systems via ant task, maven plugin or command line script, it can store results as CSV or XML files (some XSL templates for parsing results are included), it supports clustered execution to create really huge load.


                For greenhorns it provides record-and-replay possibilities. It means that you can configure your browser to user JMeter as a HTTP Proxy, just browse your application according to your use or test case and JMeter will record all the activities performed as series of HTTP requests which you'll be able to replay afterwards with large number of users.

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                  JConsole has an upgraded application called jvisualvm.  It has all the JConsole features and more.  I have used it extensively in the last half year for monitoring purposes.


                  Lakshmi and Dmitri:

                  I too am attempting to get the JMeter monitoring running.   I am setting up against a JBoss EWS system.  Apparently I am getting the credentials incorrect for the EWS server and/or getting the HTTP Request Path incorrect.  I cannot find information to help me with setting up the correct path.   For Apache Tomcat the path is  '/manager/status' and for other servers it is just plain '/status'.  If you can please help me.  Thank you.