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    SessionExpired bus message when invoking CDI

    John DeStefano Apprentice



      I have an application that uses a cdi call to get data from the server. The user is accessing the application on his laptop. He closes the laptop cover, thus putting the machine to sleep with the errai application running in the browser. When he opens the browser up again and triers to execute the required cdi call errai is responding with a SessionExpired message. I can see that in the FireBug network console. At that point the call to the server side "hangs" as seen on the FireBug network console. I looked at how the bus handles this message which is basically trying to reset and reinitialize the bus. Is there a way to know on the client that a SessionExpired message has been sent. I have code to detect Lifecycle stuff and a message handler for transport errors. I would expect this to trigger a transport error?