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    RHQ 4.9 adding resources - different VIPs on 1 server?

    Gary Varney Newbie

      I have recently installed RHQ 4.9 and it is running great, discovers resources running on the server.  It recognizes jboss instances with the IP address of the server, but not jboss instances running on different IP addresses.


      However, I have 2 resources it does not find, and I can not figure out how to add.  The problem is that I have 2 jboss instances running on the server, but on different IP addresses or different VIPs.  I tried to add a child resource specifying the VIP name, and the different IP address.  But RHQ can not connect to it.  I have the IP address correct, and the correct jnp port specified, and I have the correct credentials.  But RHQ refuses to connect to it.


      Does anyone know how to get RHQ to recognize jboss instances running on server, but listening on a different IP address than the server has?


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.