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    Arquillian external JBoss AP configuration

    Matthew Young Newbie

      Following the guide on:



      Everything works fine except setting up against an external (non-embedded) app server.  Got an installation of JBoss EAP 6.1.0.GA which houses the 7.2.0.Final version of AS server.  Set the jboss-as-arquillian-container-managed to 7.2.0.Final version.


      Note, I am not setting my JBOSS_HOME environment variable in Windows (running off Win7).  Instead, I added it to the classpath variables and made sure my Server->Runtime Environments is pointing out the EAP installation.


      The Weld embedded profile works fine.  When switching over via Maven->Select Maven profiles to the jboss managed the pom.xml read fails.  Bunch of missing artifact statements to important archives in the JBoss installation (i.e. cdi-api).  Even added the arquillian.xml to the resources (src/test/resources) with a default container and set jbossHome (to <path>\jboss-eap-6.1).  No help.

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          Matthew Young Newbie

          Got it working but not sure what change got it going.....


          Had added JAVA_HOME but removing it from the user environment variables has no effect.  I started switching the profile from the "Select Maven profiles....".  And I cleaned out the maven cache (everything under .m2) but there was no direct effect afterwards.  Looked at the verbose information from Maven when updating the pom.  Mentioned that a goal was not present (which was expected).


          Basically I just checked setting and gave an ok.  Weird.