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    CMP + Oracle 9i + JBOSS in Cluster -> XAException:tx=Transac

    Pedro Salazar Newbie


      I'm getting a XAExeption when I call a entity bean. However, in a non-cluster environment, I don't all works fine. So, why is that the exception happens?

      I can see the debug message in my entitu bean, and the exception happens AFTER the STORE step.

      I'm using JBOSS 3.2.1 in Cluster +Oracle 9iR2 (JDBC OCI), Java 1.4.2, Linux box.

      Pedro Salazar.

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          Ivan O. Parra Novice

          Is your request expanding over multiple servers. IE, Are you accessing your UserTransaction from AppServer A and then accessing your entity from AppServer B?

          I don't know if it is relavent b/c I'm not completely experienced with JBoss's Clustering. Does Jboss support the propogation of transactional contexts across multiple servers? The docs do say that if you don't have a distributed transaction manager, your calls are very likely to fail. Seeing that each appserver has its own TM, and transactions are mostly thread based, I don't know if your transactions are being shared or not. I'll need to play with it to find out.

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            Pedro Salazar Newbie


            I put both the Stateless Session Bean and the CMP Enity Bean with Clustered option to true. So, when I invoke my stateless bean, I would get an answer from any of my JBOSS instances, and it continues to the entity bean like that. Since it's a CMP I don't control the transaction, but the container does.