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    When is WorkItemInfo table get inserted?

    Xiaojun Xie Newbie



      I am trying to create a workflow with HumanTasks and persistence. After StartProcess, I cannot see anything inserted into workiteminfo table, while processinstanceinfo and sessioninfo get persisted. So when I call ksession.completeworkitem(workitemId, result), nothing happened, and the flow cannot continue to the next human task.


      The flow works fine in non-persistence env.


      By the way, I created MyHumanTaskHandler which implements WorkItemHandler by overriding excuteWorkItem and abortWorkItem methods.


      I was wondering,

      1. Is TaskService/Server a must have component to handle human task?

      2. When is WorkItemInfo get inserted?

      3. Do I need to do something in HumanTaskHandler to get the WorkItemInfo persisted?


      I am using Jbpm5.4.0.0 Final+ Hibernate 4+Jpa2+Spring


      Thanks in advance.