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    Static Connectors Cluster & Failover with HighAvailability & shared store

    Syed Asad Ali Bukhari Newbie

      I am using hornetq-2.3.0.Final


      I am running live and backup node with static connectors. I am unable to run in case of live server failover.

      To start with I have following scenario

      1. Live Server is Up and Client connects to it and send messages, then I start backup server and after proper announcements I stop live server, but client cannot connect to backup server and keeps waiting

      2. Backup server is up and live server is down, When i start client, it connects to backup server and send messages , then afterwards I start live server then client successfully switch over to live server and keeps sending messaging using this server. Afterwards I stop live server and then backup server acts as live server client seamlessly sends messages while being connected to backup server again.

      I need help regarding this issue because after trying again and again I am unable to come up with any solution for this issue. I have also attached related files


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