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    Unable to access org.richfaces.component.html.HtmlTree for Richfaces 3.3.4

    Jose Bravo-Tejeda Newbie

      Hello everyone,

      I have currently have all three richfaces.jars in my pom file and have confirmed that maven is downloaded them successfully into my mvn dependencies folder for my WAR project. I am currently working in trying to get the rich:tree working properly and so when I am handling the listening event from the tree, I need to cast this object into an HtmlTree in order to determine which node was the one that was selected. Well, when I try to lookup the HtmlTree class in eclipse, the IDE tells me that it does not exist. When I check the mvn dependencies folder and look inside the richface's jar files, I see that only the richfaces-ui jar is only one that has this class; the other two jars--impl and api--do not have this class or even the org.richfaces.component.html package. I read online that there could be some classloader issues. I tried a couple of thing recommended and it is still not working for me. I am deploying on Tomcat 7. Does anybody have an recommendations?


      Thanks every one for your time!