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    Problem with arquillian-extension-spring

    Johan Evelönn Newbie

      Hi, I'm using arquillian-extension-spring to run arquillian tests with spring support.


      The problem I have is that my @Autowired components in the test is null when running the test.


      My setup is:


      I work in a large project with multiple maven projects. My test is in a separate maven project and it contains dependencies towards multiple projects.


      In my deployment I read all the test dependencies from my pom.xml and build an EAR file containing the dependencies and also adding a JAR (to the EAR) with the testcase and some test dependencies.


      My @SpringConfiguration contains our own ClassPathXmlApplicationContext (doesn't work with Spring default either) which simply puts all beans to lazyInit = true. I also have a bunch of contexts that should be loaded.


      I can see in the log that the spring context is setup, I get a lot of "Loading XML bean definitions from class path resource" and from what I can tell all the contexts that I wan't to be loaded are loaded.


      The version I use is:








      Best Regards