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    RichFaces : Client Side Pagination Not Working

    Hemant Gupta Newbie



      I am using RichFaces 4.3.0 and JSF 2.1.


      I am uploading data from a text file with an option to filter data based on some condition. The non-filtered data is saved in the DB, whereas, the filtered/not-required data is NOT saved on DB and is only displayed to the user along with info like what was wrong with the data.


      This filter/not-required data is displayed in <rich:dataTable> along with <rich:dataScroller> using a bean that has a request scope. I do get the pages at the bottom of the table, but when I try to click on the page, nothing happens as if the request never went through. I checked the console using Developer Tools - F12 on IE and saw that Ajax request didn't process anything. I believe Request Scope could be the issue for this behavior. For that I changed the scope to View Scope, but then the data was not displayed at all. I don't want to use Session Scope for this. Is there a better way of doing this?


      Can anyone please help me find the issue or help me out with a small sample app that allows client side pagination using richfaces & without session scope? Since, I am working on this for my client, I can't disclose the code.


      I even tried using jquery, but even that didn't work out with RF tags.