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    Distinct modules locations per server instance (JBoss EAP Domain mode)

    Zed Ahmad Newbie



      In our environment, it is common practice for us to deploy incremental versions of the same application on different server groups / server instances on the same jboss installation in order to perform testing.  Our application utilizes a custom module, which we place in JBOSS_HOME/modules/com/xxx/yyy/main


      This works fine.

      Sometimes, we make changes to this module, or another dependency (such as a jdbc driver), and we want to be able to run two server instances each using their own modules folder locations in order to test them simultaneously.


      We have been using system properties to have distinct datasources (I configure a single "generic" xa-datasource, using custom system properties for all the connection information, then assign those system properties to the server instances)

      I have tried a similar approach in assigning environment properties "module.path" and "jboss.modules.dir" as system properties to my server instances.  This does not seem to work, the application still looks for modules in JBOSS_HOME/modules


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!