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    jbpm-console and an external workflow engine

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      If I understand it correctly, the jbpm (6.0.0) installer sets up a war file (jbpm-console.war) that includes drools and jbpm runtimes and these are what it configures and interfaces with.


      My application embeds its own copy of jbpm and drools within an ear file that contains the other bits and pieces of my app. Eventually I think I would probably use jbpm/drools as a module within the jboss appserver (EAP 6.1) when that is available. I also have my own human task implementation at the moment which presents a list of tasks to the users embedded within our application and allows users to interact with the tasks from within our UI.


      Processes are launched in response to events received over a JMS topic. These events include one or more documents (xml, pdf, word, ...) and some metadata. The document is the reason for the workflow, essentially verifying it, classifying it, performing some other operations and then after approval passing it onto a document storage application.


      So as it stands, jbpm-console.war is not much use to me. I need a version of it that I can embed with my app (another war in the ear?) or run alongside it. It would need to provide authoring and deployment of workflows and some admin level access to process instances and tasks for fixing problems but would never be seen by the bulk of the users.


      I'm not to sure how to achieve this. There doesn't seem to be something like this out of the box.


      Could I create a maven project that assembles the bits I need into a custom war file that I deploy as part of my application? Are the pieces required available as maven artifacts? (I don't even know what the different components are).





      P.S. Found this post on similar issues with JBPM 5.4, Re: Re: Going from jBPM5 demo to full fledged application - completely confused


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