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    In Jboss7.1.1-final clustered environment how to bounce HornetQ mbeans on failover. Is it actually required?

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      In Jboss4, in a clustered environment, on failover, we used to bounce(Stop followed by Start) queue mbeans on newly Active node. It was done using "mejbStart", "mejbStop" methods.

      After takeover/failover, cached JBoss Messaging mbeans become stale; so bounced them after services started


      mbean example to bounce:



      However in jboss7 as HornetQ is used this is not relevant. I could find mbean for every queue.



      Is it required to call pause and resume method on those mbeans? Or can safely get rid of the old code and HornetQ will take care of failover as clustering is already enabled in standalone-full-ha.xml?