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    Change JBOSS AS5.1 to Tomcat Native Library for better HTTPS performance

    wagnbeu0 Newbie

      Hi, I currently use JBOSS 5.1 AS for a productive environment with HTTPS.Some users are not happy with the performance, so I checked the installation. I noticed that years ago we had the same problem with HTTP, so we installed the Apache Tomcat Native Library. The performance went much better after that.


      No I need to implement the existing HTTPS stuff with the Tomcat Native Library.

      My problem:

      I create local a server.keystore, create the Certificate Signing request file hostname.csr, get a signed file hostname.crt back, and import it into the server.keystore


      But the Tomcat Native Library does not recognize the file, it must be in the openssl format.


      How can I transfer the existing files to the right format without loosing the information? I need the local certificate for the webserver, and additional a PEM file with all the CA certifcates.


      I use:

      1. JBOSS 5.1 GA x64
      2. JAVA x64
      3. Apache Tomcat Native Library 2.0.10-windows-x64