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    rich:dataTable header background-image is transparent

    alexey plotnikov Newbie

      Hi all, i try to upgrade Richfaces from 4.3.1.Final to 4.3.4.Final. I open my xhtml page with rich:dataTable but table header is white instead blue.

      dataTable generates background-image resource.

      Old URL for background-image resource for rf-dt-hdr-c CSS class is


      This URL show me blue image, but new URL


      show me transparent image.

      Old another 4.3.4.Final's background-image resource is blue, for example url("/server/rfRes/gradientA.png.seam?v=4.3.4.Final&db=eAFjZJBjZDBiZBBh!P!p-3!G!!uu!WBgAgA7vgfe&ln=org.richfaces.images") is blue.