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    Dynamic menu rendering in Richfaces 4

    Uipko Berghuis Newbie

      I'm working on the migration of an application from richfaces 3 to richfaces 4.3.3, we use myfaces 2.1.12 and tomcat 6.0.35.


      I've the following problem. The buttons on my datascroller aren't working, this seems to be caused by the following error


          <error-message><![CDATA[component with duplicate id "searchForm:j_id_6z" found]]></error-message>


      The problem is that we use c:forEach to loop over the menu items. If I understand this correctly c:forEach brakes the partial state rendering. The solution would be to use ui:repeat but this doesn't work to populate menuItems.


      The question is how can I dynamicly populate a menu without braking the partial state rendering?


      This is a simplified version of the code which generates the problem:

                  <f:facet name="label">
                      <h:outputText value="#{msg['menu_dropdown']}" />
                  <c:forEach items="#{bean.items}" var="item">
                    <rich:menuItem action="#{item.go}" immediate="true">
                      #{item.name}" />