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    OAuth2 in Wildfly

    Piotr Kozlowski Newbie

      Hi, I try to find a way to implement OAuth2 authentication in my RESTful application.

      Is this is possible at all for now?

      I look into RESTeasy docs, but I cannot find org.jboss.resteasy.skeleton-key module in Wildfly, and furthermore there is a note that AS7 is supported, not AS8.

      On the other hand, I considered to use Picketlink, but there is only some sample app picketlink-oauth, I couldn't find some appropriate module or example how to use OAuth.

      Besides, in PicketLink OAuth - PicketLink - Project Documentation Editor there is a info, that OAuth2 will be implemented in version 3.0.

      So for now, I cannot use Picketlink for OAuth2, only OAuth is available?

      Or I cannot use Oauth with Picketlink on Wildfly for now?

      Should I look for other ways, maybe Agorava or Shiro?

      Best regards

      Piotr Kozłowski