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    Resource Adapter not available as global module - jboss 7.1.1 Final Classloading

    Sheeraz Junejo Newbie



      I now have successfully deployoed my JCA 1.5 Resource Adapter onto jBoss 7.1.1 Final, created a connection defintion (connection factory) and I am ABLE to lookup the resource via its JNID but when I am casting my initailContext.lookup(myJNDI) Object into my connection factory class I am getting a ClassNotFoundException because the connection factory class is present in Resource Adapter module and some how not visible to my web application. In jboss 4,5 and 6 it works OK i.e. jars present in resource adapter were visible to other modules.


      Do I have do perform an additional configurations to make my Resource Adapter jar GLOBALY available to all modules?