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    HTTP/AJP connectors tunning

    Juan A. S. Newbie

      Hi everyone


      I am configuring a set of hosts with Jboss 7 in domain mode, with mod_cluster. I am doing some load test, firstly with Apache Benchmark (ab), and then with a custom Python script that simulates some user actions in the application. The problems I am having are about the connectors. At first, I tried the load of a static file with Apache:


      ab -n 50000  -c 100 'http://somehost.domain.es/


      With good results. But If i do the same test, not agains the app, just against the main web page of the server:


      ab -n 50000  -c 100 'http://somehost.domain.es:8680/'


      I get inmediately an error:


      This is ApacheBench, Version 2.3 <$Revision: 655654 $>
      Copyright 1996 Adam Twiss, Zeus Technology Ltd, http://www.zeustech.net/
      Licensed to The Apache Software Foundation, http://www.apache.org/
      Benchmarking somehost.domain.es (be patient)
      apr_socket_recv: Connection reset by peer (104)


      So, I think the problem is not a about the host config (max open files, max tcp conns, etc.) becasuse Apache works fine. I think this is more due to the configuration of HTTP (and also AJP) connectors in JBoss. How can I tune their settings to allow more connectios?