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    jBPM v6 CR2 - how to upload a jar with a process definition?

    Marek Baczyński Newbie



      I'm trying to find my way around jBPM (you might have noticed) and I keep running into interesting problems. Currently I'm wondering how to upload a jar with my bpmn process definition. I've tried to upload via Guvnor, but I don't have .pom files, so I put in something similar to what was in Evaluation/HR demos. Then I tried to deploy using Deployments menu, but got messages that said 'Cannot find KieModule'. What's the canonical way of deploying jars without having to use the git VFS?

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          Maciej Swiderski Master

          there is no need to upload jars to jbpm. It is based on maven so the requirement is to have a valid maven artifact that is available for maven to download - either in local repo (usually ~/.m2/repository) or in guvnor's one. To build kjar you could use this archetype that provides you with all things you need to get started. Then place your processes in src/main/resources and build it with maven (mvn clean install). Once that successfully completes use it's GAV on deployments panel in jbpm console.



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            Travis Zimmerman Newbie

            I have been trying to do the same thing.  I built everything that I thought was required in the jar, including kmodule.xml.  Then I uploaded the jar to the Artifact Repository.  Then I went to the Deployments page and selected the "New Deployment Unit" button.  I put in the values for my project and used DEFAULT for the Kie Base Name and Kie Session Name.  However, I always get an error like "Cannot find KieModule."  Maybe I am missing an expected file from the project?


            Maciej, you mentioned a Maven archetype that provides all the things you need to get the project started.  What is the archetype?  Can you please provide the name or a link?