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    Selenium webdriver - howto click a rich:tab


      I am using a large xhtml page which contains a number of rich:tab panels.  The panels work fine and I can visually (physically) click on the tab header text to activate each panel individually.


      I'm just learning how to use Arquillian to test my webapp. 


      I'm using the firefox webdriver with my junit test classes.  Most web page elements can be programatically located and manipulated by their id.  However, I can't figure out how to locate a rich:tab and programatically switch the webdriver browser page to that tab.


      Can anyone give me advice on how to achieve this ?


      I realise this may not be the appropriate place to post this question ..... but I figure it's more likely that a RichFaces expert will also be expert with the WebDriver (the converse is less likely).


      Thanks in advance for any help.