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    Why "entry name" in "jms-connection-factories" is "java:/" instead of "java:jboss/" in standalone-full.xml?

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      I am using "jboss-as-7.1.1.Final" and using "standalone-full.xml" to start my server. In "standalone-full.xml" I found 2 entries of <jms-connection-factories> which are configured as "java:/" for example : <entry name="java:/ConnectionFactory"/>. But all other entries have path as "java:jboss/". Due to this my "jms-queue" is not working.

      If I change it manually from "<entry name="java:/ConnectionFactory"/>" to "<entry name="java:jboss/ConnectionFactory"/>" it works.


      How can I resolve this problem with CLI script? Is there any remove/update script for the same?

      Thanks in advance.