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    listScheduledMessages no operation?

    Jesse Kipper Newbie

      I am trying to list messages that are scheduled for my queue.  When I perform the getScheduledCount operation I see that there are 7 messages scheduled.  If perform the listMessages operation it returns all the messages that are not scheduled for a later time, but when I perform the listScheduledMessages operation the result is [no operation listScheduledMessages/0].


      Code is as follows:


      ClientRequestor requestor = new ClientRequestor(session, jms.queue.hornetq.management);

      ClientMessage message;

      ClientMessage reply;

      Object resultObject;

      HashMap<String, Object> resultMap;

      message = session.createMessage(false);

      ManagementHelper.putOperationInvocation(message, ResourceNames.CORE_QUEUE+q, "listScheduledMessages");

      ClientMessage reply = requestor.request(message);

      if (reply != null) {

        resultObject = (Object) ManagementHelper.getResults(reply);



      I would appreciate any help.