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    SQLServer JDBC driver search


      We're looking for a production-worthy SQLServer JDBC driver, preferrably 3.0 compiant. Sun lists numerous drivers - we don't have time to evaluate them all. Our criteria are the usual - cost, reliability, and performance.

      I like the JSQLConnect performance and features, not sure if we can pay for it.

      Any recommendations? Warnings? Same/different experiences?

      We are abandoning the free MS driver basically because you get what you pay for. Here are the details, for anyone interested:

      We've been using the free MS JDBC driver, v2.2.xxxx with JBoss 3.2.1. Until now we've had database hangs, and these have been correctable by sharing db connections, not mixing EJB/JDBC calls, etc.

      Except for one recent hang, a simple JDBC-based database call (a non-trivial query), which hangs every time and only uses one connection. This query works fine using Weblogic's driver, and JSQLConnect (from NetDirect, just a trial driver). Of course it works in QueryAnalyzer too.

      We got the LATEST LATEST patch from Microsoft to correct issue 817326. You have to call them and submit 5 files before they'll give you the patch, albeit for free. This did not correct the hang.

      At this point the driver does not feel production-worthy. Consider the marginal performance numbers as well, and it's convincing.

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          Manuel Fehlhammer Newbie


          it' funny - you already mentioned THE driver to go with! We had done an evaluation (more than one and a half year back now) where JSQLConnect clearly took the crown ;p - performancewise. I think that was version 2.26 or so. We had really challenging performance goals. It was an online ticketing service with more than 2000 clients - JSQLConnect performed really very well! My recommendation.



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            Thanks! Good to hear it.

            They changed their pricing scheme however, and they no longer (seem to) offer the 50- or 100- distribution license deal that they used to. We need a site dev license and about 50 distribution licenses. Now they look expensive. Well worth it to me!! but it's not my money :(

            cheers -