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    WebApp WAR to define/deploy MBean through jboss-service.xml

    Kaja Mohideen Newbie

      HI all,


      I'm trying to develop few webapps where one webapp may use services exposed by other webapps. Interface classes for the services are packaged in WEB-INF/lib for each webapp and I don't really want to create jar dependency for the war to be deployed.


      What I'm looking for is - each webapp to define few MBeans which exposes the state of services provided by it, so other webapps' MBean can have a dependency on MBeans it uses from the former webapp; to wait & start only after the service provider MBeans starts.


      I have searched in web and found that MBeans can be defined in jboss-service.xml in WEB-INF directory of war. But, having that file doesn't make any difference and I don't see the MBean through JMX Console. Is there any configuration I have to do in jboss which will inform jboss to parse & act on this xml file?


      Any help is highly appreciated.