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    Bean available before post construct called

    Jannis Strodtkötter Newbie



      we are facing an issue, with the correct execution order of post constructions. The post construction of a nesting bean is executed before the post construction of the nested bean. During the post construction of the nesting bean, methods of the nested bean are called, although the nested bean is not yet ready to be used.


      public class Nesting {
           Nested nested;
           public void postConstruct() {
                // Called too early
      public class Nested {
           public void ponstConstruct() {
                // Called too late
           public void doSomething() {
                // Called before post construct



      This behavior does not always occur. Whether it occurs can change from build to build and seems to be not deterministic. Except, that we encountered it only in development mode so far (also when recompiling with super dev mode).


      Possible sources of the problem, that came into our mind, are the usage of producers and a multi-project set up.


      Are there any known issues related to this problem?


      Thanks in advance