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    SSL between apache and JBoss

    Jose Giner Newbie


      We have the next configuration:

      - one apache server with version 2.2.14.

      - two application servers with JBoss Application Server version 7.1.1 in domain mode.


      We configure a virtual hosts and mod_cluster discover application servers without problem, but when I add the configuration for ssl then mod_cluster cannot discover application servers.

      The file httpd-vhosts.conf is:


      Listen <ip>:10001


      MemManagerFile /var/cache/httpd


      <VirtualHost <ip>:10001>


      ErrorLog "/usr/IBMAHS/logs/error_ssl_log"


      TransferLog "/usr/IBMAHS/logs/access_ssl_log"


      SSLEngine on




      SSLCertificateFile "/usr/IBMAHS/pki/file.com.crt"


      SSLCertificateKeyFile "/usr/IBMAHS/pki/file.com.key"


      <Directory />


      Order deny,allow


      Allow from all




      KeepAliveTimeout 60


      MaxKeepAliveRequests 0


      ManagerBalancerName other-server-group_d


      ServerAdvertise On


      AdvertiseFrequency 5




      #This directive allows you to view mod_cluster status at URL http://<ip>:10001/mod_cluster-manager


      <Location /mod_cluster-manager>


      SetHandler mod_cluster-manager


      Order deny,allow


      Allow from all






      Can anyone help me?